Thursday, February 18, 2010


One of the things that I am always reminded of during Lent is my lack of belief in God's abundance. I believe in God's abundance toward me intellectually, but when it comes to feeling a sense of God's abundance deep in my heart I often fall short.

I eat too much because internally I doubt I will have the opportunity to taste something quite this good again. I need to tell myself that I will get to eat what I eat again, so I can savor what I have now and not overeat. I misuse my time because I don't trust I will have the opportunity to do the other things I am doing again. Often, I struggle in making a decision for work based on wondering about if a similar opportunity will ever arise.

One of the emotional issues I need to deal with in my Lenten journey has to do with my trust in God's provision and abundant gifts.


  1. Oooh, this was a convicting post for me to read. I am looking forward to learning more as you go through this journey.

  2. I agree on the food. I have been thinking a fair bit lately about provisions. I sold much of my furniture when I left the country a few years ago. That meant I had to buy everything when I returned this past summer. That was not going to happen with my financial status. However, as I look around my home now, I can only count two large baskets/side tables that I brought back from Kenya and a side table that I bought once I moved to CO. The rest I already owned or was given to me. People I hadn't talked with in years provided just what I needed. God used friends old and new and the loss of my gran to provide for me. I continue to be amazed as I look around my house at the tangible evidence of God's provision.

    Now to remember that if God can feed the birds and the flowers, He most certainly can feed me.